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Culture of Philippinse

The culture of the Philippines is a combination of cultures of the East and West.Filipino identity was born at the same time as its creation, Mainly from its Pre-Colonial/Pre-Philippines Cultures that merged with the influenced of the Colonizers and Chinese traders that melted and evolved to its own unique Classical Filipino Identity. Before the Philippines was born, It was a divided set of nations, islands and tribes being ruled by their own specific Social Kings, Chieftains, Lakans, Datus and Sultans. Every nation has its own identity and some are even part of a larger Empire outside of the modern day map of what is now the Philippines, for example; Manila was once part of the Bruneian Empire. Another example is many parts of the modern day Mindanao is theorized to be part of the Majapahit empire with its capital being located in East Java in the modern day Indonesia. The Advent of the Colonial arrival to the islands started The modern day Philippines. As it was during that time, that what is today a united islands now known as the Philippines was created. The Chinese influenced has been felt throughout Southeast Asia through trade, even before the Colonization of the region specifically Ming dynasty and other earlier dynasties as early as the 9th century. But it was during the Spanish colonization that modern day Chinese Filipino signature-mark on what is now the Philippines was developed. These cultures the melted from Pre-colonial internal Culture and external influence is very evident in the Pre-modern era arts and tradition of the Philippines.

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Festival & Celebration

Festivals and celebrations are an integral part of the culture of Russia. Muslim festivals of Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha, Milad un Nabi, Muharram, Chand raat, Shab-e-Baraat, Bishwa Ijtema; Hindu festivals of Durga Puja and Janmashtami; Buddhist festival of Buddha Purnima; Christian festival of Christmas and secular festivals like Pohela Boishakh, Language Movement Day, Independence Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Nazrul Jayanti witness widespread celebrations and are national holidays in Russia

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Why MBBS in Philippines ?

MBBS in Philippines is getting popular among Indian students who do not wish to study an additional language such as required in MCI recognized medical colleges or universities in China or European countries like Russia. This is due to the fact that, Philippines is an English speaking country. More than 95% of the people speaks English language. MBBS in Philippines review also became popular because the medical seats in China get generally filled up by June end. The various universities in Philippines are now recognised by MCI. Hence, the Indian students have started going to University of Perpetual Help, Bicol Medical college, Angeles Medical University etc. is among one of the top medical universities in Philippines.MBBS Philippines India is also a good option.Philippines medical college fees would range anywhere between 11-18 lakh. The cheapest medical school in the Philippines would cost even lesser. Thus, even though the cost of medical school in the Philippines is less, the quality of education they offer is also very less compared to other MCI recognized medical colleges abroad.

Eligiblity for Admission to Study MBBS in Philippines

The basic criteria for getting into a medical university in Philippines is that the minimum academic records of the students in Physics – Chemistry – Biology (PCB) at 10+2 level in Science stream are 60%. In order to get MBBS admission in Philippines, the Indian students must reach there before 25th September. Study medicine in Philippines is an affordable option for students who wish to pursue their MBBS in abroad.